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Privatization of a room or castle for your corporate evening in Charente-Maritime: we tell you everything

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Privatization of a room or castle for your company evening in Charente-Maritime: we tell you everything

Are you a business owner and want to organize a party with all your employees? you hesitate between the hotel and a room privatization or château? Well do not hesitate any longer because only the privatization of a room or a castle allows you to bring your collaborators together peacefully without taking the risk that your event will be disturbed or polluted by external elements or even worse the competition.

Most halls and castles that we offer below allow you to privatize and personalize a place, to decorate it, to bring the caterer you want at the time you want and in the timing you want, to include or not animations that you have chosen and not animations imposed.

Many so-called incentive agencies are specialized in the turnkey organization hand of this type of evening whether for a kick off, for the closing of a financial year, a codir or for a product launch, all formats and all durations are possible without time limit.

It is the details that make the perfection and success of an event! So be sure to be accompanied in the realization of your evening by a professional in the sector.

He will suggest you atypical places like the Château de la Chaume in Pont l’abbé of Arnoult which has the immense advantage of being able to accommodate all your employees on site with its 60 rooms, its 3 cottages and its 6 reception rooms.

By relying on the experience of your favorite agency and its network of event service providers, it will be able to guarantee the success of your event beyond what you had imagined.

Many agencies also have a fleet of decoration, sound and lighting equipment in order to offer you complete and original services at very affordable prices.

In short, there are no pictures. For your company evenings, opt for partial or total privatization of a room in Charente-Maritime or a castle.

Our job here is to find you exceptional reception venues in order to “mark the occasion”. Your company evening is not a trivial evening, it must mark the spirits and in particular the spirits of your collaborators.


Also think about the spouses who could be invited and will also be amazed by the corporate evening.


One of the strong points of privatization also is “what happens in a privatized place, stays in the privatized place” and it works in the senses. It is a confidentiality contract between the chosen place and the client.

For the organization of your end-of-year evenings, gala evenings, company anniversaries or simply for your seminar evening, we really advise you to be accompanied by an agency specializing in events.


For the selection of the ideal place, trust us by booking the Château de la Chaume. Depending on your needs, the owners will take care of your specificities with great professionalism.

In Charente-Maritime, there are plenty of possibilities:

  • A cocktail dinner in a vaulted cellar or a wine chateau in Cognac
  • A lively evening in the city center of La Rochelle
  • A gala dinner in a castle in Pont l’abbé d’Arnoult
  • A musical evening in an oyster hut on the Bassin de Marennes

Organizing exceptional and memorable events for companies wishing to create surprise and strengthen cohesion during festive moments is ultimately very simple. And in addition you control your budget upstream. No unpleasant surprises when paying.


Whether to celebrate an occasion, as part of a seminar or for a Christmas tree, treat yourself without health constraints! And yes, one of the strong points of the privatization of places is obviously the fact that you decide who has access to the place and under what conditions. It is not the restaurateur or the hotel that sets the rules. This therefore allows all employees vaccinated or not, to participate in the event. It makes a big difference these days to organize a company party, it should finish convincing you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type=”row_full_width_content”][vc_column][vc_masonry_media_grid grid_id=”vc_gid:1638568032817-8a4ce1e1-0817-1″ include=”1017,1016,1015,1014,1013,1012″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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